1. Eligibility

Any entrepreneur / company can apply for our fundraising support or business acceleration independent of its stage.

The support we provide depends on your product development stage, your funding stage and your revenue stage and is tailored to your needs.


2. Application

Don’t hesitate to apply to find out what options we can offer you.

Fill out the application form below such that we can get an idea on your vision and your plans such that we can find out how we can help you.

Review Process

3. Review Process

We will carefully review your application for its potential.

We will in particular screen your project related to its international growth potential and to what extend is might contribute disrupting the related industry. The competitive landscape and the team experience is also considerd.


4. Success

You will be welcomed to join our entrepreneur’s ecosystem.

After you have been approved we will start supporting you, connect you with advisors and partners and we will bring you in front of investors as soon as possible.

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Community Feedback

“After pitching in front of 15 top tier investors at the Crypto Blockchain Entrepreneurs Meetup yesterday, great discussions and a lot of interest followed!”

B. Mozaffar-Zanganeh
“I have participated in a couple of events that these guys have organized and they have always brought what they promised.”

H. Smoteks, CoFounder of ClearAid

“In conferences, you usually hunt investors, here you just go in to the room and more than 10 investors are waiting exactly you, ready to hear about your startup.”

K. Gavrilova, CCO of CryptoPolice