Project Description

Creating Sustainable ICO’s and STO’s

We offer 360 degree ICO/STO support services. Our goal is to create sustainability for the benefits of the investors. To raise funds through tokenization of assets such as real estate or company shares is a  fantastic concept. On one side, it provides better funding opportunities to companies. On the other side it provides better liquidation opportunities to private equity investors. It allows funding with a far grater reach and from a much wider audience than before.
However, since funding through ICO/STO’s is not yet widely regulated, it requires special care of the investors. Investors can only benefit when sustainable values are created through a solid business with a great product, which is covering a market need and realized with a smart token model and executed by an experienced management team. We are keen to accompany  such companies on their journey to to help creating excellence and a great success story.
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Services Offering

Our services include

  • Incorporation
  • Domicile and office space
  • Legal/structuring/accounting
  • Administration and HR
  • Software engineering
  • MVP development
  • Blockchain & smart contracts
  • Wallets & exchanges
  • ICO implementation
  • Exchange listing
  • Marketing communications
  • Video and presentation materials
  • Bounty programs
  • Business planing / tokenomics
  • Financial engineering
  • Whitepaper / one pager
  • Business development
  • Internationalisation
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