Project Description

Creating a Powerful Strategy

The world moves digital. Acquiring customers and on-boarding is increasingly done through digital channels, particular for digital services. By now, more than 50% of advertising is digital. Social Media has an annual growth rate of 15% ($39B in 2019, statista), e-commerce even grows at 21% per year ($3,453B in 2019, statista). Nevertheless traditional channels should not be neglected.

We help you to create the right marketing strategy which is ideally balanced to serve your need related to your product. This strategy results in a Marketing Plan which identifies your target audience, how to reach them and how to attract them and retain them as repeatedly buying customers.

A Marketing Plan describes the execution of your strategy like a roadmap and should contain:

  • Executive Summary
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
    • Competition
    • Economic Conditions
    • Politics and Regulations
    • Technology
    • Society
  • Target Market and Customers
  • Current Situation and Status
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Mix
    • Product
    • Pricing and Positioning
    • Distribution Plan
    • Promotion Strategy
  • Marketing Implementation
    • Organisation Structure
    • Corporate Identity
    • Implementation Strategy
      • Communications
      • Online Marketing
      • Conversion
      • Referral
      • Retention
      • Joint Ventures and Partnerships
      • Margin Increase
    • Marketing Materials
    • Budgets
    • Activities and Timetables
    • Achievables
  • Performance Analysis
    • Evaluation and Control
    • Monitoring Procedures
    • Customer Lifecycle
    • Customer Value
    • Return on Marketing Invest
  • SWOT-Analysis
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Service Offering

Our services include:
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan and Implementation
  • Partner Evaluation
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