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How to create a great product

Product Development is the key discipline for a successful company. Many companies have failed because their products have not sufficiently fulfilled a current market need. We help companies to precisely carve out a need-matching product which is ahead of any competition and to create a success story from ideation to launch and growth.

We are entrepreneurial and innovation driven based on 20 years of experience at the leading edge of technology and pioneering industries such us VoIP, Mobile Marketing and Social Media. Companies often try to provide a better solution than their competitors. We in turn constantly seek opportunities how to create a quantum leap of innovation, to disrupt the way business is currently done by using newest technologies. Entirely disrupting existing processes provides far more competitive advantages than only to improve an existing business.

In addition to architecting amazing products, we can also implement them. Our engineering team is based in India. Through a combination of Swiss project management and Indian software development that has been proven successful we develop at comparably low costs, yet delivering Swiss quality standard expectations.

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Service Offering

Our services include:

  • Ideation – Finding the right approach
  • Market Research – Verify the market need
  • Unique Selling Proposition – What makes you special
  • Competitive Analysis – What are others offering
  • Business Model – How to make money
  • Token Economics – Making the users to engage long-term
  • Product Design – The design is more important than many think
  • User Experience – Makes product to go viral
  • Gamification – Makes users to uses product more often

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